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Batumi, Georgia
Batumi, Georgia

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How is the permanent makeup procedure performed?

The features of the procedure depend on the specific type of tattoo, but in general, several stages can be distinguished:

Consultation. The type of tattoo is determined, the technique is selected.
During the procedure itself, a sketch is first created, which is then transferred to the face with decorative pencils and corrected to the ideal.
According to the sketch, I create a contour using a special tool and fill it with color. Usually the procedure takes no more than two hours with preparation. If desired, an anesthetic cream may be used to reduce discomfort during the session.
Sometimes preliminary preparation is required before the procedure – for example, before lip makeup, it is recommended to drink a course of antiviral drugs. At the consultation, I will talk in detail about how to prepare, describe the rehabilitation process and the rules for skin care after tattooing.

Batumi, Georgia

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